The Milkshake Photography Series is Vibrant and Futuristic

The colorful ‘Milkshake’ photography series by Paulina Wierzgacz blends futuristic elements with retro style. This seductive treat-themed series is extremely feminine and includes some phallic captures of a glamorous gal enjoying a banana.

The clothing in these shots are 80s-inspired, along with the excessive blue eye-shadow. The up-dos and bob-style haircuts are also retro. Some of these shots are done with soft lighting that is reminiscent of an 80s music video. However, some of these shots have purple hues or harsh bright lights. And a few of these indulgent captures include candy cosmetics and funky futuristic hat pieces.

These sugary-sweet photographs definitely have a sensual aspect to them; the majority of these captures are orally-fixated. From sipping sodas to devouring bananas, the ‘Milkshake’ series inspires its audience to treat themselves.