- Feb 3, 2015
There are a wide variety of cocoa-infused warm beverages out there that will help you feel warm and fuzzy outside even if there's a dastardly winter storm wreaking havoc outside.

If you're like me and your body doesn't always agree with milk and dairy, you don't have to fret -- these cocoa and hot chocolate recipes also work well with milk substitutes such as almond milk and soy milk.

A lot of these cocoa-infused beverages are incredibly creative and use ingredients that you wouldn't think would go well with a warm chocolatey beverage. While coconut shavings may sound reasonable, did you ever think tahini (sesame paste) would help make for a delicious warm cocoa beverage?

Goes to show that when you put chocolate in a mug, the sky's the limit.

From Tahini Hot Chocolate Recipes to Coconut Hot Chocolate: