The CR Fashion Book #1 Hair Feature Showcases Surreal Inspiration

In this CR Fashion Book #1 feature, a notably surreal aesthetic makes for a visually striking accessory and hair editorial.

Cleverly titled 'How Do Hue Do?’ this editorial toys with the vanguard hair shades of the season whilst offering a dynamically artful spread. Captured by Brigitte Niedermair, this piece makes the focal point of each frame the luxury accessories and distinctly colored locks of the seemingly anonymous model.

It is exemplary fashion pieces like these that have made Carine Roitfeld such an iconic fashion director. Her utilization of surreal motifs add additional value to this piece so as to blur the lines between fashion, art and beauty. Roitfeld's all-encompassing vision has made for an exemplary longstanding aesthetic that continues to thrive. This notion of longevity in excellence is seen throughout CR Fashion Book #1 and in this cheeky editorial.