From Revamped Ruby Slippers to Classy Crimson Heels

 - Dec 2, 2013
Any fashionista looking to add some fiery hot touches to their wardrobe should look no further, because these fierce crimson kicks all feature a luscious red color that is sure to make an impression with any outfit.

While some people are reluctant to wear bold and flamboyant colors on their shoes for fears of standing out, these fierce crimson kicks are definitely more for those who are willing to showcase their confident and boisterous attitude. Since crimson red is often a very sultry and sensual color, infusing that theme into your shoe collection is a great way to add powerfully intense touches to any casual or formal ensemble.

From crimson Sci-Fi kicks to witchy velvet platforms, these fierce shoe designs will definitely have people appreciating your fiery hot footwear choice.