Cake Mag Transformed Retro from Electric Neon to Cotton Candy Pastels

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: cake-mag
This vibrant candy-colored retro fashion shoot was shot by Mark J. Davis for Cake Magazine. The styling, done by Amber Stolec, revives electric neon reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. The photo shoot incorporates the fashion pieces with vintage products like glass Pepsi bottles and skateboards, which enhance the old-school composition feel of both the clothing and the editorial.

The styling is an overall throwback to old-school beach and skateboarding scene with its light, relaxed and yet ultra-hip feel of it. It is colorful, vibrant and rebellious in its own young and crude nature.

All clothing included in the styling are certainly signature pieces. From that gorgeous blue necklace to the hot pink leather jacket, they are all choices that would turn heads worn with almost anything. They would ideally be toned down with neutral colors but who am I direct one's color combinations. Just bring back the 90s and go crazy with it.

Photographer: Mark J. Davis
Stylist: Amber Stolec