This ZISKA Harpa Einarsdottir Series is Surreal and Wintry

Reykjavik, Iceland-based fashion designer and artist ZISKA Harpa Einarsdottir recently completed a series titled 'In Memory of Glaciers' that is equal parts illustration and fashion photoshoot.

The series focuses on models draped in free-flowing fabrics as they wander about a surreal arctic landscape, interacting with strange, mythical animals like giant owls and antlered bears. Their outfits are cast in soft grayish colors, sharply accented with bright greens, yellows and reds. This leaves the models at once blending into and standing out from the cold, overcast scenery they inhabit.

The series is undoubtedly inspired by ZISKA Harpa Einarsdottir's country, Iceland, with its mountainous, glacier-rich vistas and wintry skies. This theme is also seen in the clothing. From belts to jewelry, Nordic patterns adorn much of the accoutrement.