From Sultry Manicured Portraits to Sophisticatedly Grim Editorials

 - May 16, 2014
When one thinks of goth makeup, a black eye and a strong dark lip paired with chalk white faces comes to mind. You get bonus points if your hair is also raven black. However, despite goth makeup being nothing new, lots of people are finding incredibly innovative ways to change up this cosmetic look.

Most of these gothic makeup looks are featured in fashion photography. Whether it's a lookbook or editorial, fashion labels are integrating this macabre makeup style in a way that often incorporates other stylish elements, from androgyny to romanticism. The atmosphere of the photoshoot set can be regal and glamorous or punk rocker. While the vast majority of these are beautiful advertisements, some are focused on tutorials and products. This includes dripping mascara lashes, embroidered manicures and black lip glosses.