The Series Starring Natalia Andriyasova by Andrew Akimov is Enchanting

While a person may assume that any photoshoot taking place in a cemetery would automatically be creepy, the series starring model Natalia Andriyasova by Andrew Akimov, a photographer hailing from Blagoveshchensk, Russia, proves him or her wrong. Although it is undeniable that there is a slight eerie element to the photoshoot, overall it is enchanting and whimsical. It is almost as if she were the latest female lead for a Tim Burton film.

Sporting the designs of Elnura Badalova and Elena Petrova, Natalia Andriyasova by Andrew Akimov lays down as if in an eternal sleep. The white and black gauzy materials adds to the overall softness of the scenes. The lovely looks are perfected by beauty artist Komi with effortlessly tousled hair and pale chiseled cheeks.