The Hunger 'Be Still My Beating Heart' Editorial is Beautifully Dark

 - May 28, 2012
References: rankin & hungertv
The Hunger 'Be Still My Beating Heart' editorial is otherworldly. The photographs are featured in the second issue of The Hunger magazine created by English publisher and fashion photographer Rankin. Rankin, who is known for also founding Dazed & Confused, had a dual role in this editorial as the publisher and photograph. This whimsical editorial was styled by Anna Hughes-Chamberlain and featured the model Cooper. The photographs are described by the magazine as, "a moment of wishful romanticism." However, there is much more than just romanticism in these shots.

The dark shadowy environment is contrasted by the glowing white skin of Cooper making him appear as a captured angel. The entire series is incredibly eerie with the most breathtaking shot having Cooper holding a bloody heart, hence the title of the series.