From Stylish Seance Captures to Mystically Chic Catalogs

 - Apr 5, 2013
Paying homage to a 90s style aesthetic, these witchy fashion features fuse past pop culture inspirations along with modern fads. The two are joined together in a marriage of rebellion that often strays from traditional notions of femininity and classic elegance.

Whether showcasing highlighter hair hues or portraying a mystical visual context, these stylish features evoke a nostalgic air that looks to goth and punk rock iconography for its edgy visual inspiration.

Making its new age revival, these witchy fashion features fuse 90s hip hop styling along with a gothic aesthetic that gained massive popularity during the era. From black lipstick to a grunge-inspired wardrobe, these catalogs, editorials and cover photoshoots pave way for a fashion revolution,