The Vogue Korea 'Witch Hunts' Editorial Displays Occult Fashions

 - Sep 8, 2012
The Vogue Korea 'Witch Hunts' editorial brought the publications August 2012 issue to new levels as the styles resemble looks found in scenes from the Wicked production. Long broomsticks and faux cauldrons dress drove home the bold occult motifs, carving out a rather theatrical fashion niche.

Stylist Kim Mi-jin doused model Song Kyung Ah in dark lip lacquer and heavy eye make up, a choice that was no doubt informed by the popular fable-based depictions of witches.

Photographer An Ji-sup captured the entirety of Witch Hunts' spell casting set with his focus on tantalizing floor length green, ruffled purple pieces, fur throws and rounded sunglasses, wardrobe essentials for the chic modern day sorcerer or sorceress.