From Haute Art to Rap Shoots, These Dazed and Confused Pieces Rock

 - Dec 30, 2012
This collection of Dazed and Confused pieces celebrates the British monthly mag, currently in its 20th year, by highlighting some of the most memorable features it has released in the last four years.

These Dazed and Confused pieces are disparate in fashion, tone, and photography, but they all retain the informative, cutting-edge and original style that has made the Dazed and Confused one of the most imitated magazines in the world.

My favorite feature in this collection of Dazed and Confused pieces displays French house duo Daft Punk, their mask-obscured faces looking directly into the camera. The shot perfectly encapsulates Dazed and Confused's carefully constructed aesthetic -- avant-garde, bold, stylish -- without pandering or cheapening their brand to appeal to the latest fad.

That's one way to ensure your mag continues to sit atop the lifestyle magazine heap for another 20 years.