This Graphic Design from Philipp Hopta is Catchy and Adaptable

 - May 7, 2012
References: pulaski-pompano &
The creative director Philip Hopta of the agency Pulaski+Pompano in Kiev, Ukraine, recently unveiled a naming, logo and style guide for a Japanese online shop of kidswear on his Behance page.

The design is simple, punchy and wonderfully childish. It features the name of the store, Yokoko, rendered in bright vibrant colors -- red, green and blue -- that immediately catch one's eye. Interspersed among the letters are the faces of three kids emoting distinct personalities. One kid is happy and content, another is indignant and a bit rebellious while the third is dazed and confused. Such elements give the design variety; no two colors or kids are the same. Yet, it maintains a sense of cohesion.

This cogency and simplicity allows the decal to be put on anything, from keychains to wrapping paper.