Lindsey Thornburg SS 2011 Shoot with Olivia Malone

The latest line to look out for is the Lindsey Thornburg SS 2011 collection. This New York based-genius made her name in the city back in 2008 with her cloaks that were almost blanket-like. Her collection has received mention from publications such as the New York Times Sunday Styles, Elle, Teen Vogue,, The Satorialist, V magazine and Dazed and Confused.

Since then, Thornburg has been collaborating with fashion photographer Olivia Malone to create her look books such as the one for the Lindsey Thornburg SS 2011 line, which boasts a bohemian feel that definitely suits the sunny photography Malone used. Ultimately, the Lindsey Thornburg SS 2011 line is certainly one to watch out for this spring and summer.