Scantily Clad Revelers Go Wild for 'Dazed and Confused'

Dazed and Confused has always been an edgy, "in you face" publication. But now it seems like the magazine's publishers are taking it to the next level with their highly incendiary March 2009 cover.

Labeled "Transformer" and with a tag line that reads, "Meet fashion's boys who are girls who like girls to be boys," the fiercely erotic cover featuring models Ash and Eliza is an unapologetic celebration of androgyny and gender dissociation.

The images from the Transformer issue we are spotlighting today are an untamed mixture of a very wild circus, with scantily clad revelers, a bit of S&M and an explosive rave.

The models showcased are Cole Mohr, the wild Alice Dellal, Luke Worrall, Daisy Low and the socialite-turned model, Pixie Geldorf. The photos were taken by Matt Irwin and Nicola Formichetti did the styling.