From 1960s Go Go Girl Photoshoots to Pom-Pom Pictorials

 - Jul 14, 2012
These magnificent Matt Irwin editorials deliver a concise overview of the fashion photographer's most recent endeavors. The London-based style expert has worked with Dazed & Confused, Elle Magazine and Vogue Russia, in part spurring a cult of dedicated Irwin fans.

1960s go go girl photoshoots, pom-pom pictorials and faded pin-up features are all apart of Irwin's distinct vision. Like Terry Richardson his work is often seductive, daring and completely in-your-face. Butterfly-shaped props and spiky fluorescent pink mohawks can be expected of Irwin, although one should be advised against making any attempts at predicting his next move. Abstract, retro and saturated are definitely the words here, albeit with rocker chic and at times even dainty undertones.