- Oct 2, 2012
Halloween is coming and you want to -- respectively -- scare the crap out of the Batman and the Cute Ladybug who come to your door, but you're out of haunted house ideas.

Aside from the cotton ball cobwebs and the R.I.P. headstone, you can include some twisted additions to your creepy mansion. Expose both fleshy and skeletal limbs in your garden while also planting part of the limbs in soil so it seems like someone tried to escape their burial to no abail. Don't forget to splatter some blood!

If you remember the Magic School Bus episode, you can use the Pepper's ghost illusion trick to make your own ghastly ethereal guests. Otherwise, you can always purchase a ghost projector -- nothing creeps kids (and let's be honest, adults) out more than a distorted fantasy. Add a few childhood classics into your house, whether it be ventriloquists or princesses or baby dolls -- remember Chucky? -- and some lullaby music instead of the 'spooky' X-Files tune, and you're set to go.

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