Petrifying Home Decor

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: scarefactory & urlesque
Perfect for scaring the living daylights out of someone this Halloween weekend is the levitating bed. It is not cheap but it does "safely and comfortably floats an Actor to a height of 5’0 up and down over the bed."

So says a company called Scare Factory who opened up a whole new genre of haunted furniture for magicians or simply strange people.

Another "OMG I want one so badly" piece of furniture is the "Dangerous Dresser." It thrashes back and forth, forcing drawers to slam in and out. The best part is that it can be controlled via remote so you can really freak people out.

Another creepy piece is a family pack fridge containing freshly deceased body parts that are still moving, heads turning, arms reaching. When activated, a full-size corpse flies out of the freezer compartment.

Another is an innocent-looking TV, which when turned on drops with a crash and a woman flies up, out and down out of the front of the TV.

The "Easy Chair Ghoul" explodes through the bottom of a chair to stand 6’3" tall. This one is guaranteed to petrify small children.