- Sep 28, 2012
I absolutely despise scary movies, but if you're one of those people who loves to peek, but can't bear to watch the entire horror movie scene, haunted photographs are perfect for you. Just like a car accident on the road, the sight is so scary, but you can't look away.

From Foreboding Forests to Cemetery Cities, Haunting Headless to Nightmarish Fairy Tales, these eerily ethereal photos will surely keep your eyes locked on the screen. With all these creepily crafted photos to heighten our already vivid imagination -- not that it needs another boost in a spooky direction -- it's no wonder some can't sleep peacefully at night. Of course, you can always close the screen if you get too frightened, not that that would stop your mind from playing tricks on you anyway.

From Haunted Silhouettes to Twisted Disney Photography: