The Zombie Back Scratcher is Practical on Many Levels

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: neatoshop & neatorama
With Halloween just around the corner, it is only natural that people will be wanting props like the Zombie Back Scratcher to help flesh out their haunted house ambiance. Of course, many others will be turning a frugal head at certain products that will just be cluttering up the storage space after the scary holiday is done. Instead, they will be looking out for something that is worth spending their hard earned money, that will be useful even after Halloween is over. The Zombie Back Scratcher is just that.

Not only is the Zombie Back Scratcher extremely affordable to begin with, it is a back-scratch first and foremost. Therefore, it will come in quite handy to satisfy those out of reach itches. Come Halloween, however, its mere presence is useful enough.