The Healing Power of Electricty Spread is Fantastical and Fashionable

There is something very vampiric about the Healing Power of Electricty photo spread. Not only are there references to biting and bloodsucking, but there is also a dark, gritty feel to the entire shoot that is nonetheless elegant and sensual. All of these descriptors hold with the vampire culture, at least, according to 'True Blood' and 'The Vampire Diaries.'

Shot by fashion photography duo Suzie Q and Leo Siboni, the Healing Power of Electricty photo spread stars the hypnotic Fanny Francois. With a carnival hall of mirrors theme, this photoshoot also seems to represent the idea of getting lost and trying to find oneself amid reflected images of what one is supposed to be. This fantastical and fashionable spread was shot for Under the Influence magazine.