- Sep 1, 2012
The genre of decay has been explored by the surreal movement and has seeped into the deteriorated artwork of today.

The idea of decomposition, erosion and abandonment are prominent in various mediums of art. From editorials with eerily nostalgic sets to installations that feature decomposing fruit, the emotive motif has transcended to evoke emotions.

The overwhelming fascination with abandonment photography is perhaps the most prominent incarnation of this artistic tendency. Post-apolitical motifs of formerly grandiose structures are eerily captivating. Capturing the effects of time, each artist takes the medium to new levels of nostalgic imagery. Although the aim of each artist is different, the idea of awareness for the effects of time is overwhelmingly prominent. With these editorials, sculptures and installations, viewers can see that there is beauty in the breakdown.

From Decadently Decayed Shoots to Purposely Disfigured Portraits: