‘Stages of Decay' by Julia Solis Captures Abandoned Theaters

 - Jun 14, 2009
References: abandonedtheaters & notcot.org
These abandoned entertainment venues were captured by photographer Julia Solis. ‘Stages of Decay’ captures the lifelessness of once energetic places, yet, miraculously, she manages to infuse her art with her own piece of vida thanks to an incredible knack for capturing vibrancy through her lens.

"Grand old movie palaces, ballrooms, school auditoriums, theaters in hotels, mental hospitals, and jail," it says on AbandonedTheaters.com. "No matter how glamorous or shabby, they have one thing in common. Before being darkened forever, they were the sites of entertainment, pleasure and contemplation - sometimes for audiences who had no other means of escaping from their world."

Take a look at Julia Solis’ ghostly abandoned theater photos in the gallery above.