Martin Heukeshoven Makes Detailed Replicas of Rusty Vehicles

Martin Heukeshoven is a German artist who specializes in making models of rusty cars. Heukeshoven's models are highly detailed and look too good to be abandoned in a dirty junkyard. Each model is between 20 and 39 inches long and features a detailed engine and interior made from random odds and ends.

Making a realistic-looking model of a new car is tough enough, but making one out of rusty pieces of scrap is downright difficult. To make matters even tougher, Heukeshoven only uses discarded objects he finds to create his art. Only three or four pieces are made a year, as each one takes between three and four months to complete. All of the hard work is worth it as a Martin Heukeshoven rusted car model is priced at $32,280 each.