From Cash Note Origami to Intricate Paper Insects

 - Feb 4, 2013
3D paper sculptures are a form of art inspired by origami. This traditional art was started in the 17th century and involves folding paper into a form that usually resembles a life form. While origami falls under the category of paper sculptures, the collection displayed here focuses more on three-dimensional works.

The different mediums for these sculptures are paper-based and can include newspaper, regular paper and even money (if you have enough of it). This medium is especially difficult to manipulate and create realistic forms. For this reason, when an artist is able to achieve a nicely finished work, they receive nothing but accolades. Possible 3D paper sculptures can include everything from small insects and animals all the way to full size car models.

Because paper is so inexpensive and available, artists anyway can enjoy this wonderful art form.