'The Plague' by Sipho Mabona Reflects on the Evilness of Currency

 - Mar 13, 2012
References: flickr & mymodernmet
'The Plague' by Sipho Mabona is a giant swarm of bugs made entirely made out of money. Mabona says money "buzzes above the global economy like a biblical swarm of locust," and that money has become less a tool for exchange and more the source of greed and exploitation.

The entire swarm of money-bugs only took Mabona four or five hours to complete because he is quite the origami master. Once finshed shaping the dollar bills into locust, Mabona hung them on stings at different levels to make it seem as if the swarm is taking off from the ground.

The Plague by Sipho Mabona will be on display at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles until late August of 2012 along with tons of other pieces of origami art creations.