From Fire-Breathing Beer Goblets to Mythical Steampunk Statues

 - May 28, 2013
Fantasy fans everywhere will rejoice to know that there are dozens of dragon-inspired creations that will fulfill their dreams of becoming the mother (or father) of dragons.

With scaly bestial earrings, you can wear a fire-breathing friend on your ear while impressing all of your more hardcore steampunk acquaintances. The medieval cookie cutter can create dragon-shaped baked goods for any of your Game of Thrones or The Hobbit viewing parties.

If you have a little fantasy fan in the making carnivorous creature tails are the perfect product to stir your child's imagination and fulfill their dreams of becoming a fire-breathing fiend. They're basically plush dragon tails that attach to the back of a child's pants, turning them into a nasty smoke-exhaling dragon.

Each of these products is a tribute to fantasy culture, but they also each serve a distinct function giving you a ton of variety and a fiery good time.