This 'Mythical Beast' is Remote-Controlled and Fire-Breathing

 - May 2, 2012
References: rcuniverse & obviouswinner
Many things that are awesome are also dangerous and this 'Mythical Beast' is no different. Simply put, the remote-controlled dragon flies and spouts fire. This, no doubt, leaves much room for abuse and irresponsibility.

However, with some temperance and foresight, the machine can be a lot of fun as well. Of course, one should be far enough away from populated areas so that one is not mistaken for a terrorist, wizard or simple rabble-rouser. As with anything involving fire, caution should be exercised. Furthermore, it should be noted that chasing woodland animals with flying robots is not nice.

Still, all these points are moot, as the creator of the dragon, Rick Hammel, has the only working model. It wouldn't be surprising if he was sought after to create more. Although, it may be a good thing that the RC dragon is one of a kind.