From USB Kitten Mittens to Upcycled Sock Gloves

 - Nov 30, 2013
Stocking up on winter accessories is essential during the chilly winter season, and these quirky hand warmers are here to offer some humorous ways to keep your fingers nice and cozy.

While traditional gloves and mittens often simply fit over your entire hand, these quirky mitten designs offer individuals more eccentric shapes and designs, turning an ordinary winter glove into an abstract product. A great way to add personality and charm to your essential winter wardrobe, these quirky hand warmers will help to keep you nice and warm while displaying your offbeat style for others to see. From gloves shaped like gigantic kitten paws to affection-displaying mittens and dragon hide mitts, these quirky hand warmers are offering a fun and playful way to add originality to your otherwise average winter wear.