Shawn Freeney Carves a Sculpture Made Entirely From Fruit

Watermelons are usually gobbled down on hot summer days but artist Shawn Freeney has instead created a mouth-watering dragon sculpture made entirely from 14 watermelons and two Fiji pineapples.

This highly talented artist showcased this mythical green giant on his website, The Invisible Underground, where visitors can see other sculptures made with food. Freeney's inspiration for this project was based on this year's Chinese zodiac sign of the water dragon. It was made for the 2012 Priceless event that took place in Belden, California.

Freeney has a major background that revolves around artistry and this watermelon dragon sculpture is just one example of this artist's creativity. The meticulous detailing of the dragon is impeccable as the artist's superior craftsmanship can be seen through the dragon's scales and its fiery horns.