From DIY Bird Feeders to Winged Camera Captures

 - May 19, 2013
Bird lovers will be delighted by these incredible avian-inspired creations; from DIY bird feeders to edible avian feathers, these fantastic creations are themed after our fine-feathered friends.

Those who have pet birds will be drooling over the modernly equipped avian abode. This stylish birdy bachelor pad features a nut dispenser, a cozy bird sized bed and an adorable mini-kitchen. Birds may not be able to make use of the kitchen, but imagine how adorable they'll look standing in them.

Feathery fashion is also featured among these avian inspired creations. Vibrant avian-chic heels are covered in colorful plumage, resembling the look of a parrot.

These cute flying critters influence art design, kitchen appliances, fashion, bird feeders, pet products and pretty much everything else.