'Extinct Boids' by Ralph Steadman Depicts Elaborately Painted Birds

Famed artist Ralph Steadman has created yet another iconic set of drawings that entice the senses called ‘Extinct Boids.’

The collection of sketches are reminiscent of Steadman’s classic sketch style that utilizes bold splashes of color and a blatant disregard for structured lines or formal techniques. ‘Extinct Boids’ characterizes a number of extinct bird species including the Jamaican Red Macaw and the Black Mamo amongst others. Each one is drawn in a classic catalogue-like stance, but in Steadman’s raw style that gives each one a distinct sense of wonder. Some even appear so raw and amateur in style that they resemble the work of a child; classic of Steadman’s style.

Based out of London, Steadman rose to populairty during the 1970s when he did illustrations for the work of famed journalist Hunter S. Thompson.