The Diana Beltran Herrera Paper Hummingbirds are Surreal

 - Aug 19, 2012
References: ppiinnee & mymodernmet
These incredibly realistic Diana Beltran Herrera paper hummingbirds are handmade with precision. Her ability to bend and shape paper has allowed her to create surreal sculptures of various different birds, but in this series she chose to focus on hummingbirds and their relation with flowers.

Herrera states, "As an artist I recreate the process of nature, this experience that teaches me the time that takes the things to form, to grow, to find its own place and way in the universe," which explains where her love of nature and animals comes from.

Herrera sees that the world is consumed with technology, while many don't take the time to appreciate the things around us, hence her aim is to bring attention to these beautiful creatures.