Paul Octavius’s Vintage Camera Photos Depict Soaring Devices

 - Apr 16, 2013
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These vintage camera photos by Paul Octavius are enchanting to look at. They feature an eclectic collection of antique cameras that possess wings, which allows them to soar across each photo's line of sight.

The subject of each photo really pops out from the white background. By taking the photos in such a setting, it creates an angelic and magical feeling that is accentuated by the winged cameras. Each camera is adorned with a different set of wings from different birds. The clever title for the vintage camera photos is 'Birds of Aperture,' which is a play on the term 'birds of prey.'

The depicted subjects are an intriguing thought. It’s interesting to think whether flying cameras with the ability to snap candid photos would be considered pests like paparazzi, or appreciated for their majestic beauty.