The Picto Birdhouse by Laure Joye & Nicolas Bonnet is Playfully Modern

 - Nov 8, 2012
References: yankodesign
The Picto Birdhouse is a subtle modern update of the traditional avian abode. Although there have been some more experimental designs including the Barcelona Bird Pavilion, Nido Birdhouse and the Nendo Bird Apartment, the Picto Birdhouse is contemporary in all the ways that count. From its soft cartoonish shape to the bright neon colors, it adds a fun touch to the yard without standing out like a sore thumb, especially since it keeps the classic form of a house.

Designed by Laure Joye and Nicolas Bonnet, the best feature of the Picto Birdhouse is the glass back, which allows people to observe nesting without disturbing the birds. The Picto Birdhouse is also very easy to clean.