The Nature Speaker Turns Up the Volume on Your Lovely Backyard Noises

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: yankodesign
Australians will probably see no need to hang the Nature Speaker from their back porches, but North Americans and Europeans would certainly delight in the amplification of the beautiful songs of more timid neighborhood birds. The lovely ceramic object presents your feathered friends with a tiny twig-like perch on one end and opens up like a megaphone to the other side.

The asymmetrical hourglass shape of the Nature Speaker birdhouse causes the music of sparrows and wrens to echo and become louder, increasing the proof of their presence. Perhaps the beautiful music that comes out of Eun Ji Lee's delightfully lyrical sculpture will help to drown out the sounds of passing vehicles and airplanes flying overhead, emphasizing the allure of the natural world outdoors.