Kesa Vinyl Silhouettes Capture Birds and Bats in Flights of Freedom

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Old records are converted into artistic masterpieces in the collection of Kesa Vinyl Silhouettes by the French graffiti artist.

Kesa takes the records and carves creatures in them that are taking flight then places them on a public infrastructures in Lyon, France for people to connect with. Each piece symbolizes a form a liberating freedom. Birds break free from the confines of the black vinyl and soar along the walls, while bats rise up to find different meaning. Sometimes Kesa even forms a whole scene with the repurposed discs, showing a cat swiping at a feathered creature as it flies into the air.

The Kesa Vinyl Silhouettes are deeply touching, when you consider the empowering meaning behind the liberty and flight that the animals are displaying.