- Jun 27, 2013
While some people may regard graffiti artwork as a form of vandalism, there's no denying the exceptional artistic quality and expression that these designs can have, which is why these examples of graffiti branding techniques are showcasing just how influential these works of art can be.

Graffiti isn't simply grabbing a can of spray paint and doodling away, rather it requires skill in forming abstract shapes and form to create a visually striking overall appearance. By incorporating these artistic designs into brand logos, retailers are able to connect with a much more youthful buyer that will certainly appreciate these abstract graffiti designs. From cocktail shakers created to resemble graffiti spray paint bottles to artistically packaged wine bottles, these graffiti branding techniques will definitely make an impact with a more modern generation of individuals.

From Vividly Vandalized Wine to Artistic Candy Packaging: