The Kinetic Cosmos Birdcage is Made from Repeated Rings of Wood

Whether a domestic avian habitat has been manufactured from metal or cane, the product is usually quite similar. The design of the Kinetic Cosmos Birdcage differs greatly from those that have come before it, comprising primarily of vertical enclosing elements and abandoning the integration of a door.

What BenoƮt Pernet did was use woodboard as his choice material, cutting out 67 unique pieces from panels to create abstract and oblong openings. These were assembled in a series to enclose a generous chamber and to provide a sturdy footing. To access the interior of the Kinetic Cosmos Birdcage, one need simply part the tightly arranged ribs (which are wonderfully flexible). Your lovely feathered pet is afforded several perches and a natural grassy base that eliminates the need for cleaning.