Lucy Glendinning Crafts Figures with Avian and Humanoid Qualities

 - Aug 24, 2012
References: lucyglendinning & sweet-station
You never truly appreciate something until it’s gone, and in the case of these Lucy Glendinning sculptures, that something is human skin. Glendinning’s is the master sculptress behind these impeccable human figures, but rather than covering their exteriors with something resembling epidermis, she has instead engulfed her creations in feathers. The resulting sculptures are bizarre human and bird hybrids that are simultaneously eerie and engrossing to look at.

These sculptures are part of Glendinning’s series ‘Feather Child,’ and all of the children featured appear to be in vulnerable poses. Viewers are thus conflicted between their desire to console and nurture these beings while simultaneously being perplexed, and slightly repulsed, by their appearances.

For those unfamiliar, Lucy Glendinning is a British contemporary artist who specializes in sculptures and installation pieces.