NeighBirds Birdhouses Can Be Clustered into Cute Honeycomb Communities

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: andreucarulla &
What happens to the poor little chick who isn't ready to fly the coop? He can make himself at home in an adjacent NeighBirds dwelling. The charming birdhouse design is based on a hollow hexagonal prism that can be strapped together with other identical modules to create condominiums for your feathered friends.

Andreu Carulla crafted the endearing avian dwellings for Utoopic using pieces of untreated pine. Both ends of the elongated cubbies have been capped and enclosed but one side features a small circular opening to act as the entrance for its winged inhabitants. A small drilled hole beneath the door of each NeighBirds nesting box invites the insertion of a twig for a perch.