Chris Maynard’s Clever Designs Soar Above the Ordinary

 - Jan 2, 2013
References: featherfolio & designboom
Christ Maynard refers to shed feathers as gifts from birds and would use them in his fantastic feather art. Maynard loves birds so much that he thinks that "each individual feather is a small bit of perfection."

Using fine eye surgery tools and a large magnifying glass, Maynard would tediously carve the feathers into avian-themed masterpieces. There are images of birds sitting on branches from birds soaring high in flight.

Maynard uses shed feathers from turkey, crows, swans, hummingbirds and even owls to bring his vivid bird imagery to life. The work is undoubted tedious and time-consuming. It also requires fine motor skills and the precision of a neurosurgeon, but the result is beautiful artwork that is absolutely uplifting. Check out more of Maynard’s work at his website Feather Folio.

Photo Credits: designboom, featherfolio