- Mar 15, 2013
Though the look had been popular in Japan for years, harajuku style was introduced to the mainstream North American media by Gwen Stefani with the launch of her solo career. The look is mostly Lolita-inspired, consisting of extremely colorful, whimsical pieces that give a nod to school girl styles and anime cartoons.

The 2013 version of this style is even more extreme. The school girl silhouette of a button-down blouse and a full, short skirt can be seen in bright, neon colors everywhere from fashion blogs to high-end magazine editorials. The updated version of the kawaii look sees extreme makeup and hairstyles as well, prompting cosmetics companies to release more fantastical, brazen products.

If you're not necessarily one for attention, but are a fan of all things kawaii, I would suggest a cute bunny-eared phone case or subtle accessory.

Harajuku Style is Back in Fashion in a Big Way: