Shiseido's Majolica Majorca Makeup Line is Manga Magnificent

 - Jan 2, 2009
You don’t have to be into cosplay or that outrageous Lolita trend to fall for Shiseido’s Majolica Majorca line. Just launched in Singapore, the Japanese brand’s whimsical black and gold packaging with its curlicues and boudoir appeal is instantly habit-forming. To fan the flames further, Shiseido has employed nine Singaporean bloggers to rave about their favorite Majorca Majolica products. All of them embody the "kawaii" look, or "cute" in Japanese, with fluttery eyelashes and enormous manga eyes.

To look like an anime version of yourself, the one makeup must-have in this collection is the Lash Beautifying Mascara, which sold over a million units last year. No one wears it better than French-Japanese model Minami Hinase, who has fronted Majolica Majorca’s ad campaigns for the last five years.

Sakoto Ishihara, who handles the brand in Hong Kong, says the product is pitched at young women in the "hopes that [it is] the first product every girl uses in Shiseido." The brand name is meant to sound like some sort of magical incantation (think abracadabra), but the real enchantment lies in the insanely colorful palettes and wickedly low prices.

Outside of Japan, the brand is only available in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.