From Manscara Male Branding to Vibrating Eye Makeup

 - Feb 8, 2012
The power of persuasion that a batting set of eyelashes holds should not be underestimated and for this reason, these magnetic mascara innovations demonstrate how the make-up industry constantly improves their products. Using mascara to elongate eyelashes is one of the core steps in any cosmetic routine and with its prevalence in everyday consumption, there has been a rise in the number of captivating mascara campaigns and innovative tube designs to appeal to consumers.

Among the marvelous mascara innovations you’ll find brushes that vibrate in order to maximize application, refillable mascara bottles by Guerlain, vibrant colors by MAC, smeared face campaigns and more.

It may seem like a simple matter, where women usually just apply a natural color to their eyelashes, but indeed there is so much variance in the marketing that the target demographic is often mesmerized by the perceived variety of product. These 20 marvelous mascara innovations will give your eyes food for thought.