Rebecca Blair Illustrates Some Provocative and Disturbed Damsels

 - Nov 21, 2011
References: r-becca.deviantart & facebook
These Rebecca Blair drawings may not exactly be the best way to sell eye-liner, but they are without a doubt more provocative than any advertisement or promotional campaign I've ever seen a cosmetic company release.

Featuring females with flawless facial attributes, Blair renders each lady in a photorealistic manner, demonstrating just how technically skilled the Canadian artist is. The kicker, however, is that Blair then chooses to have her subjects ruin their porcelain skin either by smearing dark make-up on their faces or having mascara run down from their eyes. Nobody's perfect, right?

The final results of each Rebecca Blair creation is thus a perfect balance of aesthetic beauty and repulsion. Viewers can't help but cringe a little at the defacement of each subjects' visage, but they can't look away either because their eyes glued to visual splendor.