- Sep 16, 2012
These photoreal depictions blur the line between fantasy and reality. Some artists are praised for their interesting and distinctive style while others are appreciated for their ability to produce images that look lifelike.

These realistic renderings span many different media from paint, to sculpture to pencil. Usually artists start with actual photos to provide a reference for their work, and then they create a work from this base info that has the appearance of being a photo.

An interesting mix of photography and art, photorealism can be appreciated for its beauty as well as the great skill that is needed to execute it. Photorealism was a reaction from abstract expressionism and pop art of the 1960s. An exception to the focus on abstraction in contemporary art, photorealism is an odd art movement because it aims to recreate something that the photograph can already produce.

From Lifelike Fantasy Portraits to Violent Hyperreal Paintings: