The Photographic Style Paintings of Sean Cheetham Look Like Candids

 - Jul 28, 2010   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: seancheetham.blogspot & inkbutter
I'm always amazed when a painter is skilled enough to create portraits that resemble photographs. True lifelike portraits are hard to come by, which makes the work of Sean Cheetham impressive.

This series of Sean Cheetham's work features women, and one man, who look like they have names, families and real lives. Each image looks as if it was captured at that exact moment, instead of being painted.

Implications - In a technology-infused world, art has a completely different face, and the mediums for artistic expression has expanded beyond paintbrush and canvas into photography and computer-generated imagery. Artworks that blend these mediums or are deceiving to the naked eye in their photorealistic appearance generate a great deal of interest as the consumer population appreciates the talent, effort and dedication that is involved in the production of such complex works.