These Song of Fire and Ice Portraits by Ania Mitura are Impressive

The Song of Fire and Ice portraits by Ania Mitura (DalisaAnja on deviantART) is an impressive collection of photorealistic images. For some of the portraits Mitura used various screen shots from the show in order to capture the true essence of the character.

Fans of the popular HBO series will be delighted by Mitura's close attention to detail and dedication to the character's persona. The majority of her portraits are from characters first seen in season one, like the Other girl and Ned Stark. Characters from the second season like Melisandre and Ygritte also make it into the collection, making this series of portraits an excellent character reference.

The masterful use of light and shading makes the characters appear extremely lifelike. It takes a keen eye to be able to distinguish these portraits as paintings and not pictures.