'The Streets of Asia' Showcases the Power of Design

 - Apr 9, 2012
References: youtube & kotaku
Tomorrow’s video games and computer animations will likely see the use of photorealistic graphics, as exemplified in 'The Streets of Asia' video.

Jacco Bikker has created a plethora of screenshots, which are almost indecipherable from real life without a second or third look. Created using a real-time CPU/GPU tracer (or, for non-tech-savvy folk, a technique which produces an image by following the path of light on an object) called 'Brigade,' this device changes the world of video games.

The pictures were posted on Sam Lapere’s blog, who works for a cloud computing company called OTOY. He claims that the astonishing detail and depth-of-field effects come close to what is possible on today’s high-end computers.

The results of the process are available on a YouTube demo that doesn’t actually do it justice, as the video quality is compromised from YouTube’s file compression.

Here’s hoping games and media in the future will look like everyday life.